Don’t forget about real human recruiters, they are still very much alive and active, especially in the technology industry. They find and vet candidates ahead of time, and personally match them to your needs. This is a good way to find talent but this service usually costs a premium. Using an internal team can save significant time when making future product changes. But, to do this well requires you to build and retain a solid development team.

  • Don’t assume, just because you can hire from anywhere in the world, that you can cut corners by saving on wages.
  • If your feature list is vague, it increases risk, as most features need to be ‘discovered’ during the design phase.
  • To have a successful development team, a cross-functional team is needed, and this cost accumulates.
  • And it is difficult for many offshore development teams because they are not as well acquainted with the problem due to cultural differences.
  • Hiring a software development company can be a brutal process, and frankly, it doesn’t need to be.

The most effective job descriptions are the ones that aim to educate and provide an accurate window into your company. A well-crafted job description can help you set expectations, ensuring that applicants have an understanding of what life is like within your company. Most likely, you’ll need to devote several meetings to working through these questions at all levels of your organization from team leadership to senior management and your executive team.

Set a Budget

The reason to hire an in-house team is to create a faster development cycle that iterates over time. A change-order with an agency may wait until the next business day or over the weekend before it’s addressed. In-house teams are able to change things on the fly and can move more quickly than an agency. With the hybrid model, the project/product manager (PM) is here in the states and the development team is nearshore or offshore. It is pricier than going offshore, but can be cheaper when considering all the other costs involved. Nearshoring can be a good option for a staff augmentation model in order to meet larger project timelines.

how to hire a software development company

The following are some of the models businesses choose when engaging an outsourcing software development company for their projects. If you are looking for the best software development company, then Technostacks Infotech will be a perfect choice. Technostacks is a leading IT company that provides a number of software development services for web, mobile, digital, AR app, VR app, IoT, Machine learning app, artificial based apps and more.

Hiring Software Developers: Summary

Our company has delivered more than 200 software projects to customers from all over the world. Our specialists and developers leverage their solid experience and expertise to spark innovative software solutions that will make your business thrive. For a healthy outsourcing hire a software development team relationship, you need to determine your existing IT needs to negotiate the right costs with the software development partner. Instead of having a number of changes and adjustments, you may need to set specific objectives so that you can include them in a contract.

When you outsource product development, you risk losing control over the project. At some point, you may find yourself being unable to put your finger on what actually went wrong. Still, the cultural gap is something that might be an issue when outsourcing talent in Latin America. Different traditions, mentality, as well as holidays, are something that you should always keep in mind when partnering with a vendor from Latin America. This pricing model means that parties sign a single-sum contract where a vendor is responsible for delivering the project within the agreed sum. It can be a perfect solution in those situations when both rates and requirements can be easily predicted.

How Can You Manage Hidden IT Outsourcing Cost?

These are built by outlining the details of the product from a technical specification. We have some useful questionnaires for both web and mobile software products. These are final designs that are ready to pass along to development. They are pixel-perfect and annotated with technical specs for the engineers. These designs would come with annotations detailing what happens throughout each screen. High-fidelity designs—called ‘comps’—are the final designs that are passed to the development team.

It’s not just about the bottom line – the way a company prices its services can reflect their approach to projects, their level of transparency, and their understanding of the value they offer. However, on average a software developer makes around $110,140 on a yearly basis according to Here it is worth noting that this number might vary depending on numerous parameters. Hiring skilled software developers is one of the biggest recruitment challenges of today. You need to make sure that a developer is technically savvy and analytical, methodical, and exceptional problem solvers.

Tell us the skills you need

Most of these service providers have invested a considerable period of time in the industry, know the latest trends and are continually competing in different markets for projects. So, these companies need to be highly competitive and actually they are modernizing with time to get recognized as a leading Software Product Development Company. Whether you need an audit of the mobile app or, want a detailed analysis of what your next steps should be, our team is always available to support you. The average salary of an experienced software developer is $1,01,531/year. Once you receive the answer to the following questions, next thing is to follow the steps to hire the development company. Setting a complete IT infrastructure requires cutting-edge hardware and software tools to design, develop and test the application, which involves a significant investment.

If you want to find engineers who’ll provide quality software and still be able to cut costs, this country is the best way to go. Software development companies can be roughly divided into onshore, offshore, and nearshore companies. More specifically, onshore companies are the local software development companies that operate in the same country as you. Offshore software development companies are located outside of your country and generally have a considerable time zone difference with you. Nearshore software development companies refer to agencies that are located in neighboring countries, where the cost of hiring engineers is lower compared to hiring talent in-house.

How can I assess the expertise of a software development company?

Whatever the requirements that guide your hiring choice, opt for a development team that has the right cultural fit and is aligned with your businesses processes. Normally, you can participate in the process of interviewing the candidates. Still, the software development company should provide only suitable candidates to join your team.

how to hire a software development company

Just as any local agency has variance in quality, communication styles are something to look for in a hybrid firm. Some firms have taken on a hybrid approach which offers onshore project management in combination with the reduced costs of nearshore/offshore development. Due to the quantity of offshore software development companies and the language barriers, it is very difficult to find a quality offshore firm. Onshore companies are known for higher quality, higher cost, and more hands-on customer service. Clients are typically assigned a dedicated project manager, account manager, and have the ability to meet face to face with the software team. Onshore companies come in different sizes—boutiques of 5-20 people, companies of 20-75, large agencies of 75+.

Steps to Hire a Software Development Company

One of the first things you should do when choosing a software development company is to ensure that they can cover all of your needs. Hiring software development services lets you get your project up and running more quickly. It might take a long time to build an in-house team that fits your mobile app development or web development needs. And because time is money in the business environment, there are rare occasions when a delayed start of a project is acceptable. Many enterprise companies and well-established organizations find that hiring a custom software development company is an intelligent solution for various reasons.


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